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2KO Namibia offers online Modern Web Developer courses in Namibia. 2KO Namibia's Modern Web Developer courses are offered to our international and local students. 2KO is an IT consulting and training company, offering both business services and multi-platform training. 2KO Africa's wide range of computer courses are available as full time classes, or as online learning, to ensure students have access to the best Modern Web Developer training in Namibia.



Courses Included in this Bundle - 12



AngularJS For Beginners
Get started with the popular AngularJS framework. HTML works perfectly fine as far as static documents are concerned. If a web application requires dynamic views however, it's less than ideal.

Learn Python Django From Scratch
Complex database -driven websites like these need a web application framework - and that's exactly what Django does. Master Python Django and you can create web application, sites with e-commerce functionality, and much much more.

Ruby On Rails for Beginners
Ruby on Rails allows developers to create fully interactive and completely flawless web applications in record time. It's the framework of choice for all of those household name tech companies because it is both complex and simple, and can be applied to a range of applications.

Python Programming for Beginners
Recently updated with new, better Python development content for beginners. you'll learn a simple, versatile and highly readable code that you can execute on a wide variety of systems quickly and easily.

Introduction to Sass for CSS
Every current web designer will most likely have mastered CSS long ago. But believe it or not, some have not yet realised the enormous benefits Sass can add to CSS - for one thing, it opens up a whole range of features not available in CSS.

Develop Responsive Websites with Bootstrap 3
In the Develop Responsive Websites with Bootstrap 3 course, we will walk you through the popular Bootstrap HTML and CSS framework. Bootstrap helps build websites that look beautiful on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers.

Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript
There's no way around it. If you want to gain a competitive edge in UI/UX design, web development, or anything to do with mobile and desktop web apps, then you need to know Angular JS.

Learn MongoDB From Scratch
Data is a very popular buzzword in the technology industry right now. As more and more people move their activities online, the data companies and websites collect on them will become even more relevant.

Bootstrap 4: Exploring New Features
Exploring New Features:Build Responsive Websites. First look at the all new BOOTSTRAP 4. Find out what's new LEARN Bootstrap 4. This course is perfect for anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, and will tell you everything you need to know about Bootstrap 4 in record time.

Node.js - From Zero to Web Apps
Code a Node.js Project with an Online IDE. To a certain extent, it can seem as though different programming languages are only suitable for a specified set of tasks, like building apps or analysing data.

Introduction to Docker
For much longer than anyone cares to admit, it was easier to ship a physical container of coffee beans halfway around the world than it was to get all of the necessary bits and pieces needed for a software program from one machine to another.

Beginning Web Components with Dart
Keeping on top of the latest progress in web development can be daunting. There are always new languages to learn, new applications to create with them, and endless possibilities.