Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Online Courses


2KO Namibia offers online SharePoint 2013 courses in  Namibia. We also offer full time SharePoint 2013 courses in Windhoek for groups of four or more delegates. 2KO Namibia's SharePoint course is offered to our international and local students. 2KO delivers cutting-edge IT products in the consulting and business services space, as well as offering top-rated training for various IT vendors. Our internationally recognised courses can be offered either as hands-on full time classes, or as online learning, to ensure students have access to the best SharePoint 2013 training in Namibia.


This course will provide the required knowledge and skill sets to configure SharePoint Server 2013. In addition, you will gain guideline, consideration and best practices understanding concerning SharePoint Server 2013. For the Advanced Solutions course you will focus on implementing high availability, service application architecture, Business Connectivity Services, social computing features, business intelligence solutions, enterprise content management, web content management, apps and solutions. In addition to these focus areas you will also learn how to develop and implement a governance plan, how to perform an upgrade or migration and how to optimize the Search experience in SharePoint Server 2013.


This Advanced Solutions SharePoint Server 2013 course is specifically aimed at experienced IT Professionals interested in learning how to install, configure, deploy and manage SharePoint Server 2013 installs in the cloud and/or the data center. This course brings together all the features of using the Advanced Solutions in SharePoint Server 2013.


Some of the skills you will learn in this class are:

Describe the core features of SharePoint 2013

Perform an upgrade or migration to SharePoint Server 2013

Develop and implement a governance plan for SharePoint Server 2013

Configure and manage apps in a SharePoint Server 2013 environment

Manage solutions in a SharePoint 2013 deployment

Plan and configure a web content management infrastructure to meet business requirements

Plan and configure enterprise content management in a SharePoint 2013 deployment

Optimize the search experience for an enterprise environment

Plan and configure Business Intelligence solutions

Plan and configure productivity and collaboration platforms and features

Plan and configure social computing features

Configure and manage Business Connectivity Services features in a SharePoint 2013 deployment

Plan and implement a service application architecture for a SharePoint 2013 deployment

Plan and design a SharePoint 2013 environment to meet requirements for high availability and disaster recovery



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Microsoft 70-332: Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013


Module 1

Advanced Solutions Program Introduction

Upgrade Options, Considerations and Preparation

New in SharePoint 2013

Deprecated and Discontinued

SharePoint Deployment

SharePoint Editions

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Hybrid Deployment

SharePoint Components

Farm Component

Web Applications and Service Applications

Site Collection and Sites

SharePoint Components

SharePoint Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Software Requirements

Database Fundamentals

Physical Design and Considerations

Exam Preparation Questions

Module Review


Module 2

SharePoint Continuity

Availability Based on Role

Clustering, Mirroring and Log Shipping

Always On Availability Groups

Network Load Balancing

SharePoint Backup and Recovery

SharePoint Recovery

SharePoint Backup

Backup and Restore within SharePoint

Exam Preparation Questions

Module Review


Module 3

SharePoint Service Applications

Service Applications by Edition

Introduction to Service Applications

Terms and Components

Service Application Workflow

Service Application Planning

Managing and Creating Service Applications

Exam Preparation Questions

Module Review


Module 4

SharePoint Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Performance Point

Excel Services

Visio Services

.NET Charts

SQL Server Reporting Services


Implementing Business Intelligence

Exam Preparation Questions

Module Review


Module 5

Social Computing within SharePoint

Introduction to User Profiles

User Profiles

User Profile Import

Configuring the Service Application

User Profile Properties

User Profiles with SharePoint Online

Site Personalization with My Sites

Configuring My Sites

Social Feature Permissions


Permissions and Privacy Settings

My Sites and Audiences with SharePoint Online


Social Computing within SharePoint

Exam Preparation Questions

Module Review


Module 6

SharePoint Search

Search Services

Search Component Crawl Service

Content and Analytics Processing

Indexing Component

Query Processing and Search Administration

Configuring Search

Content Sources, Crawl Rules and Search Center

Content Search Best Practices

Query Rules, Result Types and Display Templates

Search Web Parts and Analyzing Search Reports

Searching within SharePoint

Exam Preparation Questions

Module Review


Module 7

SharePoint Content Management

Document and File Management

Site Columns

Content Types

InfoPath Forms and Shredded Storage


Exchange Integration

Site Based Retention and Records Management

Managing Metadata

Managed Metadata Services

Term and Term Sets

Publishing Metadata Cross Farm

Managing Term Groups and Term Sets


Managing Content within SharePoint

Exam Preparation Questions

Module Review


Module 8

Managing SharePoint Development

SharePoint Development Progression, Features and Solutions

Development Progression and Features

SharePoint Features

SharePoint Solutions and Sandbox Solutions

Introduction to SharePoint Applications

SharePoint Applications and Requirements

Configuring and Deploying Applications

Application Permissions and Monitoring Applications

Managing SharePoint Development

Exam Preparation Questions

Module Review


Module 9

SharePoint Governance

Governance Overview

Governance Planning

Policy vs. Technology

SharePoint Service and Information Governance Features

Exam Preparation Questions

Module Review


Module 10

Upgrading SharePoint

Upgrading SharePoint Farms

Upgrade Options, Considerations and Preparation

Upgrading Content Databases

Upgrading Service Applications

Verifying and Troubleshooting a Database Upgrade

Upgrading Site Collections

Site Collection Upgrade

Verifying Site Collection Upgrade

Exam Preparation Questions

Module Review

Course Review